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Payper your success.

Here's the thing: trying to get yourself in the news is never a sure ticket.

Traditional public relations companies charge a flat (and exorbitant) fee with absolutely no guarantee of success. We prefer to be results-based and accountable by charging you depending on how successful our work is for you. Our press release service starts at just $199 and is optimised to get you results.

Pay per your success with Payper. 


What we do.

We like to keep things simple. Really simple.

We don't do long and pointless client meetings, coffee breaks, lush office fit outs and any of the other stuff big public relations companies blow thousands of dollars on because, ultimately, that cost is always passed on to you. 

We're a small agile team based around the world and we do everything super efficiently over the cloud. This makes our pricing unbeatable and means we turn around projects in hours or days, not weeks or months. 

If you have a one-off story to pitch to media right now, go to Press Pitching below. If you want to bounce story ideas with an expert or get any other PR advice, head over to the Consulting section. If you're looking for a long-term partner to get the maximum ROI on your PR plan, head over to Partner Plans.


Why we do it.

Payper was founded by former New Zealand television journalist, Adrien Taylor, after he left the world of daily broadcast journalism to follow his passion for business. 

He founded a sustainable hat company, Offcut, and it was in the startup world that he realised that so many small businesses had fantastic stories to tell, but didn't have the skills or money to pitch those story to news media. 

So, he decided to do the only thing an entrepreneur would do: shake up an old school industry...


Who we do it for.