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"I founded Payper to help tell the untold stories of New Zealand's most innovative people and organisations."


Adrien Taylor.
Payper Founder

I founded Payper to help tell the untold stories of New Zealand's most innovative people and organisations.

I'm a former TV3 news reporter and left the world of daily journalism to pursue my other passion: business. There is nothing I find more exciting than people using business as a tool to make lives better - whether it's on a small or big scale. I'm proud to be part of what I think is a very exciting time for the New Zealand business ecosystem. 

A few years ago, I founded and, in entering the startup world, I realised so many of my peers had amazing news stories to tell, but no knowledge or funds to get them in the media. I started hearing people's horror stories of dealing with PR agencies so began helping out my friends for a fraction of the price. Payper, formerly known as PressHustle, has grown from there, as has our passion for helping business owners tell their stories to the world.

I still actively use public relations myself, and in 2017, I devised the idea for and co-founded an international crowdsourced forest with more than 1,000,000 trees donated to it. Trump Forest received coverage in all the major New Zealand news outlets, as well as in the BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera and hundreds of other publications globally. It also got close to the top on the front page of (global).

All in all, we estimate we reached well over 10,000,000 people. Total marketing budget? Zero dollars. It was all clever PR work, put towards a good cause. 

I'm passionate about startups, business, and people doing good stuff for the planet and society, and I'm committed to getting you the coverage you deserve.

If you haven't considered PR yet, you're missing out. Good PR has far more potential ROI than any paid advertising, and it can be great for SEO. Don't be a silent voice and do it right the first time with people who know what they're doing, but don't charge you the world.

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