Terms of service

By submitting a form requesting Payper's services, you acknowledge and agree that:

☆ Payper ("we", "us", "the website") does not, under any circumstances, guarantee that use of its services will result in press/media coverage of any type whatsoever for you or your organisation (“you”, “the organisation”, “the client”) . Sometimes PR is like football... you have to take a few shots on goal before you score.

☆ You are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted to Payper, and in any resulting press releases and publication about your organisation. Payper takes the information you submit in good faith and strives for 100% accuracy but does not, under any circumstances, take responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in any communication with media on your behalf, or in any coverage resulting from that communication. Everything we write will be approved by you before it is sent out, and you are entirely responsible to ensure it is accurate.

☆ Knowingly providing false or misleading information to Payper, or allowing such information to go out in any communication with media, is a direct breach of our terms and conditions and may result in us ceasing all services for you.

☆ Completion of a Payper form, or any request of Payper's services does not necessarily mean Payper will offer its services to you or your organisation. We reserve the right to refuse our service if we think you're not ready for PR, we feel our values don't align, or for any other reason which we do not need to specify.

☆ We believe in good people doing good business and may, on occasion, choose to waive all our part of our standard fees for certain clients engaged in social or climate action, youth entrepreneurship, and non-profit or artistic endeavours. This is done on a case-by-case basis and is entirely at our discretion. We will tell you if we would like to offer you our services for free or at a discounted rate.

☆ Once we have reviewed your release requirements or your application to join one of our Partner Plans, and we think you're a good fit for our service, we will send you a link to a credit card payment gateway. All payments are processed securely by Stripe.

- Press releases (both self-sent and sent by us) require a $99 (+ GST) deposit before we commence any work for you. The remainder of your bill will be charged to your credit card once you give final approval for the release (self-sent) or 7 to 14 days after we send the release for you. If you ask us to delay sending your release by two or more weeks from the moment you paid your deposit, or if we don’t hear from you for more than two weeks after beginning our work for you, we reserve the right to charge your credit card the remainder of the $399 bill minus deposit. Any relevant success fees will be charged after you ask us to send the release out.

Partner Plans are charged monthly to your credit card from the moment you first sign up. We require the first payment to be fully approved and processed before we commence any work for you. 

☆ We work with you to ensure maximum success with your press release and will sometimes recommend you send the release or an early heads up to certain journalists. In that case, or in the case you choose to contact journalists directly yourself before and/or after we send the release out for you, and the journalist covers you, we still count this story as part of the success fee we charge you. It’s implausible to try and pinpoint why the journalist did the story: whether it was because you contacted them, or we sent them the release. If you prefer looking after distribution, we recommend you use our DIY release service.

☆ Payper can use and publish - without your prior consent - the image(s) you upload, as well as any press release written about you or your organisation through various online and offline media outlets including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, blogs, and magazines/newspapers. You retain full ownership and copyright to your content, and credit will be given to you for the content wherever possible for mutual promotion of you, and Payper. If you do not wish for us to use your images or associated content, you must indicate this in writing (hello@payper.com) at the time you engage our services.

☆ All prices are in New Zealand dollars and GST exclusive, unless otherwise stated.