Here are questions we often receive. If anything is missing, please drop us a line.


Does sending press releases to journalists actually work?

Yes. There's a misconception among some people that journalists hate press releases. They don't. What journalists hate is being pitched terrible stories which aren't newsworthy. News organisations are constantly after good quality stories and are more than happy to take story ideas from press releases about genuinely newsworthy things. The proof is in our track record.


How can you afford to be so affordable?

The New Zealand communications and public relations industry has a longstanding tradition of overcharging and spending time which is simply uneccessary. We take a Lean Startup approach to PR which means we can turn things around in hours or days instead of weeks or months. We don't do retainers and prefer instead to have very clear pricing which is based on how succesful our work is for you. In other words: if you win, we win. 

Why do you charge for consultation calls?

Everything we do at Payper is designed to make public relations as accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. To do that, we are super efficient with our time. Because we get asked a lot for advice over the phone, we have to charge the individual clients asking for the advice, otherwise we'd have to spread that cost to all clients and we don't think that's fair. We prefer to charge for calls to those who need them, and not to those who don't .

Rest assured though: we don't do chit chat. Our calls are hard and fast and we often do more in 15 minutes with clients than others would in a few hours. Remember, we're always happy to answer simple questions for free by email. Just drop us a line.


After you send my release, will you follow up with journalists?

No. This is something that drives journalists crazy and is almost guaranteed to get you blacklisted. Journalists are perfectly capable of reading the release and deciding whether they want to cover the story or not. We never chase them up, except in very rare circumstances where they showed some interest initial interest in the story but didn't follow through. Journalists have a healthy distrust of PR people so we here at Payper try to facilitate contact between you and journalists interested in your story and step back to leave you to it. 

Will news organisations publish my press release exactly as is?

Sometimes, but generally not. A press release is designed to alert media about a newsworthy story they may be interested in and invite them to follow up directly to interview the subject(s), so that the journalist can craft his or her own story. A journalist is welcome to use all or part of the press release any way they like (without, of course, misrepresenting any facts) and will often use information in press releases as part of a larger story.


Do you only pitch to mainstream media?

No, we'll pitch your story to all media we feel are likely to be interested in it. That includes online publications and blogs, industry-specific magazines, and anything else relevant to your particular release. We have a very wide network of contacts and, if there are any publications you specifically want to ensure we contact, just let us know before we pitch!