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We've received your payment and will start working on your press release. 

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Next step:

If you haven't already, please look after getting a good photo for your press release: this is absolutely crucial to maximising the chances of it getting picked up.

Photos should be:

  1. Of people. No people = no good. Ensure the key person or people quoted in the release are included in the photo. 
  2. In an appropriate setting. The background should be relevant to the story and, generally, the further the background is behind the key people, the better (this adds nice depth-of-field).
  3. Shot wide: the key people should generally be shot with at least their whole upper body included, or even more.
  4. Shot in landscape orientation. Leave portrait mode for phone selfies! 
  5. In colour. No black and white and no filters. Trust us.
  6. Well lit. Outside is best (shoot just after sunrise or just before sunset for best light). Indoors is okay but ensure the lighting is good and consistent.
  7. Shot on a decent camera. A modern phone camera is fine in great lighting!