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Thanks for your interest in Payper. We aim to bring you only the most interesting and relevant press releases and announcements from New Zealand and Australia’s most innovative, creative, and philanthropic people and organisations.

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As a former journalist, I know you get pitched all the time. I know you probably have a healthy dislike of PR people and you know what? I do to. For the most part, they charge a horrendous amount of money to do not a lot for the clients, and are constantly pestering you, the journalist.

That’s why we do things differently. We only work with clients we genuinely believe in, and we don’t pitch crap stories. Plus, we don’t pester: once we’ve sent you the release, that’s it: you won’t hear from us again unless you get in touch for more information.

Finally, we stay out of the process as much as possible. Our role is to simply help our clients tell you their stories in a clear, authentic, and interesting way. That’s why you’ll see their contact details at the bottom of the releases, not ours. We’ll never get in the way and ask you annoying things like what kind of questions you want to ask. We facilitate the contact between the two of you then leave you to it.

Thanks again for your interest and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback whatsoever. You can reach me at


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About Adrien Taylor

I'm a former TV3 news reporter and left the world of daily journalism to pursue my other passion: business. There is nothing I find more exciting than people using business as a tool to make lives better - whether it's on a small or big scale. I'm proud to be part of what I think is a very exciting time for the New Zealand business ecosystem. 

A few years ago, I founded and, in entering the startup world, I realised so many of my peers had amazing news stories to tell, but no knowledge or funds to get them in the media. I started hearing people's horror stories of dealing with PR agencies so began helping out my friends for a fraction of the price. Payper has grown from there.